We love the Arts!
The arts are our passion and our creative outlet that is essential to us as artists and inherent in each and everyone of us. 
We believe that there is true enjoyment and enlightenment in being able to create something with our own hands and to feel that sense of accomplishment...to sing a song that makes others smile as we bubble up inside...to dance to the music that makes us move with abandonment on every beat and rhythm. 

Each of us has this ability to experience this passion through the arts as we tap into our creative side.

We at Mt Tabor ARTs Collaborative want to share with you this passion we have for the arts and
take you on a journey of discovery and wonderment as
we explore together and share our experiences as artists with each of you.

This is why we love the Arts and started this organization. 

So come join us and let us inspire the artist within you to bloom and blossom through our creative process. 
Mt Tabor ARTs Collaborative is a registered 501(3c) non-for profit corporation that was formed to foster the arts. We were established in 2001 and originally supporting the arts in Hudson County NJ.  With our new mission statement we are now based in Mt Tabor and supporting the artist communities within Morris County. 

Key factors that we would like to share with you. 
  • Dawn Ward-Lau, our artistic director, is a professional performing artist in the field of Dance and Theatre. She is a proud member of AEA.
  • Jim Lau, our managing director,  is a professional Landscape Architect and Environmental Supervisor in the field of Civil Engineering at NYS Department of Transportation.
  • With their professional qualifications and over 60 years of combined experience within their individual fields of Design, Theatre and Dance along with their high level of management and production skills that they bring to Mt Tabor Arts Collaborative are a creative force that is unmatched. 
  • They will strive to work towards meeting everyone's desires and needs to assure the communities they support and serve are met with the highest expectations and completely satisfied.
  • They will inspire and spark your creativity in every aspect that can be felt, heard and seen with the workshops, performance events and summer camps that they have developed through this organization. 
  • They have great passion for the Arts as they have experienced this passion in their own creations and works. They want you to share in their personal experiences, so that you may have the same passion for the Arts through your own creations.

Creativity and inspiration are what make ours dreams come alive. Come join us in making your dreams come true! Hope to see you soon! 
"The desire to create is one of the deepest
yearnings of the human soul"
                  Elder Uchtdorf
//Children's Theatre
Original Children's Theatre: Past Productions

"Jack and the Beanstalk" by Bert Bernardi 
"Pigs: The Musical" by Dawn Ward-Lau.

Below an excerpt from
"Pigs: The Musical" - The Wolf is Back
One of our main goals as an arts organization is to mentor those that are interested in the fields of dance, theatre and art. Pairing professionals with up and coming arts students to show them the ropes. Our children's theatre productions mentored actors, as well as technical aspects of the performances. Local High School students performed onstage with professionals as well as learned about installations of lighting, and sound from professionals in their field. We look forward to bringing this amazing opportunity to Morris County.

Photo Credits: Alessandra Vaganek and Daniel Bozza